Low rise jeans are making a comeback and it's a hard no from us 1 year ago

Low rise jeans are making a comeback and it's a hard no from us

This is not the news we wanted in 2021.

Over the last few weeks there's been a lot of debate between Gen Z and Millennials regarding skinny jeans versus wide leg jeans.


Personally I don't wear jeans that much anymore, as I prefer slacks (or let's face it, lounge wear), but one jeans opinion I will stand by is that low rise jeans are the devil.

Unfortunately for me and everyone who fell victim to low rise jeans in the early 2000s, they are making a comeback and I'm sorry, but no one asked for this.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece about my amazing style choices during the early to mid 2000s (which you can read here) and while wearing dresses over our jeans may not have been the look we thought it was I would rather that trend come back than low rise jeans.


There was nothing worse than going to puberty never feeling like your bum is fully covered. I was already a self conscious teenager, I didn't need to constantly worry that my underpants were on show.

An article recently published by Vox said that while the trend is reemerging we shouldn't panic because it might look better this time around.

I don't really see how as low rise jeans were only ever a friend to the supermodel and currently it's only Gen Z-ers with similar body types who I've seen wearing them.


While I will admit I have seen Gen Z-ers take a lot of early 2000s trends and put a more stylish spin on them, low rise jeans need to stay in the bin.

Bring back butterfly clips, bring back Juicy tracksuits, bring back platform sandals, but for the love of god leave low rise jeans back in 2005 where they belong.