Monsoon's 'mini me' dresses for twinning with your daughter are super cute and sustainable too 7 months ago

Monsoon's 'mini me' dresses for twinning with your daughter are super cute and sustainable too

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, is there anything more sweet than when your little girl wants to be just like her mum?

Obviously you'd prefer to stop them growing up and keep them under your wing forever, but when kids copy what they see adults doing it can be seriously cute. (Albeit seriously annoying at other times!)

Children's fashion has changed immensely since we were young, and it seemed as though the only options were chords and a knit jumper for boys, and a cotton or chord dress for girls. At least that's what years of grainy photos in our family albums would suggest...

Nowadays, there are endless options spanning the scale from traditional children's clothing (hello Prince George) to mini fashionista (all of the Kardashian offspring). For something that falls perfectly in-between – and lets your little girl dress just like her mum – look to these 'mini me' dresses from Monsoon.

The store's Eden dress is loose-fitting dress with a pretty white daisy print on a black fabric. With a hemline that falls to mid-calf, the dress has three-quarter-length sleeves with ties. There's also a chord tie at the neck, finished with a tassel that sets off the boho style.

The mini me version of the dress is just that – a similar looking dress with just a few alterations to make it suitable for childrenswear.

It has full-length sleeves that are less restrictive for busy little girls than the adult version, and buttons up the front, finishing at the neck with a two tassels on a short plait. It's smocked at the neck and waist, and there's a line of stitching inserted to give the hem a pretty flair.

Team your little one's dress with black tights, Chelsea or lace-up boots and a chunky cardigan for winter wear, and add heeled boots and a blazer to set off your own look.

The Eden dresses come from the Monsoon S.E.W. range, which stands for 'Seeking an Eco friendly World'. They're made from a sustainable fabric that the manufacturers say is "derived from certified renewable wood sources and made using eco-responsible production methods. It generates up to 50 percent lower emissions and water impact than traditional viscose, contributing to a cleaner environment".

The Eden dress for mum costs €84 and the mini me version is priced at €50, from Monsoon stores and their website.