Next launch jeans with 'in-between sizes' and prices start at €25 3 months ago

Next launch jeans with 'in-between sizes' and prices start at €25

Next set to launch jeans with 'in-between sizes' and prices start at €25.

In a move that will be welcomed by many customers, the high-street brand is launching a range of in-between sizes.

Great news if you find it difficult to find the perfect fit because this new system should help with that particular struggle.

This especially applies to jeans because you'll often find that sizing can be awkward, too tight on the legs but loose on the tummy or vice versa.

Next shoppers will soon be able to purchase jeans in sizes 11, 13, 15 and 17.


Not everyone will be able to avail of the above sizes but the good news is they have plans to introduce more 'in-between' options in time.

While we definitely think the denim range will get the most love, they're also bringing out a collection of swimwear and tailored pieces that will feature the same in-between sizing.

It's thought that Next will introduce the new concept for Skinny, Slim and BootCut styles and not only that, the sizing will also extend to their chino trousers.

If this is well received by shoppers, there's a possibility that the brand could further extend the ranges featuring in-between sizes down the line.

It seems that this decision has been made based on customer feedback and in a bid to help customers find a solution, the in-between sizes have been introduced.

We think it's a fantastic idea, it will be interesting to see if other competitor fashion brands follow suit.