Orthopaedic surgeon issues warning about wearing Ugg boots 3 years ago

Orthopaedic surgeon issues warning about wearing Ugg boots

Take note.

If you bring out your Ugg bootss when winter arrives then you may want to take heed of this warning.


According to orthopaedic surgeon Ian McDermott, this type of boot doesn't have the sufficient support required for everyday wear and can lead to 'premature wear and tear of the joint'.

If worn for a long period, this can have a detrimental impact on your stance which sometimes results in cartilage damage due to a 'knock-kneed' effect.

It's not just Uggs either, this warning refers to any 'soft' boot that doesn't allow your feet the support they need.

In addition to knee pain, the wrong type of shoe or boot can have a negative impact on posture and even result in back pain.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, this particular expert said:

"If you have somebody who has severe cartilage damage at the front of their knee, and their patella is misaligned, you might have to realign the patella".

A consultant at London Bridge Hospital, McDermott advised that it is absolutely essential to find shoes that provide the correct arch support, regardless of how comfy they are.


A spokesperson for UGG told The Sun:

 "UGG is the leader in premium sheepskin footwear. The UGG Classic boot provides the full experience of warmth, comfort and flexibility.

"The Classic II is lighter weight for increased wearability and offers added innovative enhancements, such as Treadlite by UGG outsole technology for increased traction, durability, and cushioning.

"As with any shoe, we encourage customers to ensure the proper fit for maximum comfort".