Parachute pants are this season's biggest obsession - and this is why 1 year ago

Parachute pants are this season's biggest obsession - and this is why

Because let's be honest, jeans aren't cutting it this summer.

When it comes to getting fashion inspo, sometimes the runway isn't the best place to look.


Of course, when we see pieces on celebrities, they've more than likely been taken from things they've seen on the runway and been altered, but it's celebrity street style where we can see everyday pieces come to life.

While a lot of the things we see celebs wearing are a lot more than the average person would ever spend on clothes, there are times we see them in clothes we can afford - and parachute pants are one of them.

Parachute pants have become a staple in a lot of models' wardrobes this summer and there's a very good reason why - they're the comfiest things in the world.

Quite literally feeling like you're wearing nothing, the fashion scene has completely ditched anything remotely tight or restricting on your lower half in favour for comfort, and who can complain about that?


Not only do celebs adore them, they're actually affordable and as they are a statement on their own, they're incredibly easy to style.

The 90s inspired trousers are the trend du jour, with Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid already spotted in them countless times this summer. Dressing them up with pattern jumpers or dressing them down in simple tank top, they work no matter the occassion. Sure, Hailey Bieber has even paired them with her bikinis and bucket hats, so they're beach approved.

The versatile pants are ideal for the summer, especially if those of us with Irish skin haven't had the chance to get a tan yet (me). While they are full length trousers, they are as flowy and baggy as can be, and the material is a nylon type, meaning they're never going to feel like we're suffocating in the heat.


Thankfully, these are one thing that won't break the bank, with Hailey even opting to buy some of her endless colours on Motel Rocks for €58.

Motel Rocks, €58

We know €58 is still a decent amount to spend on trousers, so thankfully there are countless other brands jumping onto this trend.


One quick search on ASOS and you're sorted, with Collusion, Stradivarius, Bershka and ASOS themselves all carrying the style, and all for under €40.

When we say you can get these in every colour, we're really not lying. The cheaper brands only seem to have the standard neutrals, but the slightly more expensive Motel Rocks has a pair to match every colour of the rainbow, and then some.

Of course, while Met Eireann has said the weather is set to be a scorcher, we can never truly trust what will hit this little island, and these are the perfect transitional pants. Keeping us cool but protected if it starts to lash, it's hard to find reasons you wouldn't wear these.

While they are made to worn as low waisted, they have a drawstring at the top which can help us tighten them at the waist if that's something you'd prefer.