Penneys has the perfect €22 dupe for Holly Willoughby's €500 tracksuit 7 months ago

Penneys has the perfect €22 dupe for Holly Willoughby's €500 tracksuit


Earlier this year, Holly Willoughby proved just how stylish a classic tracksuit can be when she rocked a simple grey trackie set with the most glorious rainbow stripes down the sides, and then, just days later, wore the same tracksuit in white and looked equally incredible.

Yes, a far cry from the gear we're used to seeing Holly in, the tracksuit won the hearts of many followers - including us.

However, we were quickly devastated to realise that it would set us back an eye-watering €500.

Yep, the Wyse two-piece would cost half a grand, and that's just far too much for something we'd probably reserve for trips to the supermarket and lazy weekends.

But you can imagine our delight when we spotted a nearly identical set appear on the Penneys Instagram for just a fraction of the cost.

Yes, our favourite high street retailer has taken inspiration from the designer tracksuit and has released a set that is so cute we can't believe it only costs €22.

That's a price tag we can get behind.

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The black rainbow stripe set is the perfect way to inject a bit of colour into a usually dark wardrobe and what's even better? It's super cosy.

And if you're just after one item, the hoody will set you back €12 and the joggers are €10 - not too shabby.

Race you to the till!