People are just realising ASOS actually stands for something 11 months ago

People are just realising ASOS actually stands for something

Who knew?

ASOS, we've all shopped there and we've always only known it as ASOS, nothing more and nothing less.


Well, as it turns out, apparently it actually stands for something and we just never knew.

Shoppers are only now figuring out that the fashion brand is actually an acronym based on its original name, only shortened to be something catchier.

As people made this groundbreaking revelation, many were left wondering how they never knew this before or even questioned what the word meant.

It turns out that ASOS actually stands for as seen on screen - who knew?


When they first launched in 2000, the store was called As Seen On Screen and as it says on the tin, you could buy clothes seen on TV or movies.


The brand used to pair with huge celebrities and would offer styles they would be seen wearing, meaning if you saw a famous person wearing something, you could get it there.

A few years later they decided to sell other clothes too and as the original name no longer fit the brand as much, they changed it slightly.


Of course, the world of Twitter was baffled to discover this, with one person tweeting: "Never knew ASOS stands for ‘As Seen On Screen’. Why am I so behind on things."

Another said: "I just learned ASOS means ‘As Seen On Screen’ and originally sold clothes seen on tv shows."

A third wrote: "Wtf just found out Asos means as seen on screen ???"


A fourth penned: "Do the kids know that ASOS is actually an acronym for As Seen On Screen? And it used to be entirely focused on stocking versions of clothes you'd see in films or on popular shows?"