Ready for visitors: The simple trick that will ensure your home is ALWAYS clutter free 1 year ago

Ready for visitors: The simple trick that will ensure your home is ALWAYS clutter free

Anyone else feel like they always spend hours every weekend cleaning around the house...?

I don't know about you, but in my house, surface 'junk' is one of the main issues. As in, come evening time, almost every surface in the house is littered with random items, from books, hairbrushes, Nerf bullets (thanks, kids!), keys, phone chargers, discarded face masks, remote controls, more toys, glasses of water – you name it.


And because of this surface clutter, I feel like no room ever looks ultra tidy – the way I dream of it looking.

However, one clever lady recently shared a trick for just this – how to tackle surface clutter – and it is brilliantly simple and so effective it would even work with things like laundry too.

April Faulkner, from Boston, started rounding up the random items she found on various surfaces around the house and then dumps it all on the sofa. Why? Because then – drum roll, please –  she is forced to put everything away before she can sit down in the evening.


Sharing a snap of her sofa after one of her decluttering rounds, Faulkner admitted the clutter was ‘embarrassing’.

“Embarrassing I know, but this what was on my coffee table and kitchen table," she explains.

“I live alone so I'm no stranger to clutter, knowing that literally no one sees my place inside. My trick that helps me is I clear off any surface onto my couch."

After she shared her simple trick, hundreds of other followers of the group praised Faulkner's method and said they would absolutely be trying something similar.


“This works for me twofold," one woman wrote.

"I get to see the finished, clean product (the surfaces) right away, and, if I want to sit on my couch again, all the items need to find a home first.

Another one said:

“Once I’ve put in the elbow grease to spray the surfaces and wipe down and clean the placemats, I never want to put the junk back on top."


A third one commented:

“I do this with laundry too - I dump all the clean laundry on my bed and don’t allow myself to go to bed until it’s all put away.”