You can now get replicas of Princess Diana's iconic sweatshirts for less than €30 4 months ago

You can now get replicas of Princess Diana's iconic sweatshirts for less than €30

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Princess Diana was always known for being on the cutting edge of street style and fashion in general.


Which is not really surprising as during her lifetime famous fashion designers were falling over themselves to dress her.

One trend in particular that Diana was known for was sportswear, namely her iconic sweatshirts - and now you can actually buy them. Or, replicas on them, anyway.

Etsy shop Stay and Design are currently selling replicas of Diana's most famous sweatshirts.

Even better you can buy both without breaking the bank as they are priced between €29 (Fly Virgin Atlantic) and €22 (USA flag sweatshirt).

In 2019 the original of the Fly Virgin Atlantic sweatshirt sold at auction for a whopping £42,700 so you'll really be picking up a bargain by buying it for less than 30 quid.


Now I know what you're wondering because I was wondering it too.

What is the quality like?

Will it fall apart the first time I put it in the wash?

Well, according to the reviews they're great quality and so similar to the originals that people are getting Diana related compliments;

"I’ve worn this once already and have gotten so many compliments, many that are a tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales."

"The sweaters are perfect. The quality of them is fantastic. I purchased a medium and usually am a small for dresses and some styles of shirts, I size up with sweaters (layering and all that)."


So if you fancy getting some Princess Diana compliments of your own you may want to put these on your to-buy list.

With the good weather finally coming in we can definitely see ourselves wearing these paired with some iconic Princess Diana bicycle shorts.

The shop is based in North America so they may take a while to deliver, so I'd get ordering them now if you want them in time for your holibops.