Skinny jeans are out of fashion thanks to this cool new style 4 years ago

Skinny jeans are out of fashion thanks to this cool new style

Sick of skinny jeans?

At this point, we're over them, over trying to pull them on after they've shrunk in the wash, over lying on the floor in a bid to get them to fasten and definitely OVER wanting to take them off as soon as we've got them on.


Anyway, we have some good news because it seems like there's a new style set to replace the skinny jean.

'Rigid jeans' are on the up and given the vintage look of this trend, we're definitely on board with this.

The name comes from the fact that they don't stretch as much as a skinny fit and according to stats compiled by The Wall Street Journal, sales of this denim style are up by 80%.

Brittany Gallagher a denim buyer at General Pants Co says rigid denim is "big" this year and explains why in conversation with Who What Wear.


"It’s traditionally 100% cotton denim, woven into a tougher, heavier weight fabric. This amazing denim base has an open yarn which creates a stony character when the fabric is washed and worn. This gives the jeans that hard-to-find vintage look".

The great thing about this type of denim is that when you wash and wear them, you get that lived-in look so essentially, they get better the longer you have them which can only be a good thing.

Although the stretch material of skinny jeans are popular with some, they can be uncomfortable and unforgiving so if you're in the mood for a change, rigid denim might be for you.

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