Snoop inside the homes of some of your favourite celebrities with Primark's new podcast 2 months ago

Snoop inside the homes of some of your favourite celebrities with Primark's new podcast

OK, I am showing my age now, but I used to love MTV's Cribs.

I mean; what's not to love? Getting to snoop around the fabulous homes (and fridges!) of the super-rich and super-famous – it was pure interiors porn.

And with this in mind, it is needless to say I am more than a little excited about Primark's new podcast venture.

All Round Mine is an inspiring and humorous celebrity podcast where famous guests open up their doors to Primark so we can all find out what home really means to them.

"Come on in and get cosy as Arielle and George have a snoop inside some of the homes of your favourite celebrities to find out how they’ve decorated their space, what their most cherished possessions are and what that really says about them."

Sounds addictive? I know!

With each episode starting with a celebrity house tour, you’ll get the inside scoop and real behind the scenes experience before the chats commence, and with our guests like Sideman, Laura Whitmore, Munroe Bergdorf and Scarlett Moffatt we can guarantee there will never be a dull moment in the conversation.

In each podcast interview, Arielle and George will cover all topics from music collections, cooking skills, décor, pets and sentimental items, so get ready to discover a whole new side to come of your favourite celebs and influencers.

Where to find the podcast

Excited and want to hear a little more? Search All Round Mine wherever you listen to your podcasts and check out the trailer to get excited ahead of episode 1 going live this week, on Thursday 18th Feb.

If you subscribe now, you won't miss a single episode in the series and make sure to keep an eye on Primark's Instagram channels as they announce a new episode each week.