10 iconic Ikea buys that look far more expensive than they really are 2 years ago

10 iconic Ikea buys that look far more expensive than they really are

Some people have some sort of a snobbish attitude when it comes to Ikea – yes, really. 

The self-assembly, the low prices, the mass production – it is all too easy to think sure it can't be all that great, really.

But that's where you're wrong – so wrong.

With Ikea, the selection is so massive, so extensive, the trick is to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. And trust me, there are some pieces you simply do not want to overlook.

These ten are true Ikea heroes.

The design, combined with the price, makes them near impossible to beat and will add a serious injection of Scandi style into your home.

Oh, and if you needed more convincing, interior stylists consistently pick all of these as their top Ikea picks too:

1. Docksta Dining Table

It is no wonder that this dining table has become such an iconic buy. It suits pretty much every space and decor, and will look as good in 20 years as it does today, we think.

Docksta dining table, €149, Ikea

2. Ribba Frames

Whether you are framing photos or creating a gallery wall of prints, the sleek, modern Ribba frames are the perfect choice.

Ribba frames, from €2,50, Ikea

3. Ranarp Wall Lamp

Lux look for a fraction of the price you'll have to pay for other places.

Ranarp wall lamp, €20, Ikea

4. Stockholm Coffee Table

Part of the latest Stockholm collection, we can't stop thinking this coffee table is a future classic, for sure. And while it is technically a coffee table, we can't help thinking it would look pretty good as a bench too, no?

Stockholm coffee table, €95, Ikea

5. Hemnes 8-Drawer Dresser

The Hemnes dresser is a classic for a reason. Not only is it seriously affordable, it also provides ample storage and has a great scale.

We love how the drawer knobs easily can be changed to personalize the look to suit almost any interior style.

Hemnes 8-drawer dresser, €225, Ikea

6. Stockholm Mirror

This mid-century style round mirror with its wooden frame will look as good in your dining room as it will in a hallway or even as a bathroom mirror.

Stockholm mirror, €70, Ikea

7. Sinnerlig Pendant Lamp

Be it for over your dining table or your bedroom, this statement light fixture is a find for that price.

Sinnerlig pendant lamp, €50, Ikea

8. Lappljung Rug

This striking rug will add a bit of style to any room. Bonus? The flat-woven surface makes it super-easy to keep clean.

Lappljung rug, €100, Ikea

9. Ludde Sheepskin

Make stepping out of bed that little less torturous or make your favourite armchair the snuggest place ever – either way; the Ludde sheepskin is one of our all-time favourite Ikea buys. Pure hygge!

Ludde sheepskin, €35, Ikea

10. Malm Bed

The sleek and simple Malm bed is where thousands and thousands go to sleep every night – and it's easy to see why.

Malm bed frame, €195, Ikea