We're swooning over Suzanne Jackson's latest holiday dress and it's only €35 2 years ago

We're swooning over Suzanne Jackson's latest holiday dress and it's only €35

We're adding this to our shopping cart.

August is approaching and for many of us, that means one thing, HOLIDAYS.


And if you're heading away, planning on heading away or tempted to just take a spontaneous trip, sure why the hell not? We have you covered in the holiday department.

From the dress, all the bloggers are loving (see here) to the must-have holiday sandals (again, see here), our suitcases are packing up and we're excited.

And the latest addition is from the one and only, PrettyLittlething. Spotted on Suzanne Jackson (SoSueMe), this orange bardot shift dress is calling our name. Talk about DIVINE.

PrettyLittleThing - €35 

Suzanne is just back from holidays having spent a week soaking up the rays in Croatia with her family. Describing Dubrovnik as "absolutely mind-blowing! 100% my fave place in Europe!" It looks like the blogger turned beauty entrepreneur had the time of her life and an equally mind-blowing wardrobe to match!


Want to complete the look with the perfect holiday "dinner heel", it's what we call those strappy heels you wear for an outdoor dinner on holidays, when it's still so warm and you've got that post-beach glow, ugh the best.

Anyways, we've found the perfect dinner heel and they match this gorgeous bardot dress meaning... obviously we have to buy the two right? Right?

River Island - €60 


We're in love.

Adios wages, holidays are calling.