The €21 buy that will organise your wardrobe into a thing of beauty 5 years ago

The €21 buy that will organise your wardrobe into a thing of beauty

Ever since MTV Cribs first aired back in the day, I have dreamed of a wardrobe as gloriously tidy and well-organized (and stuffed with Birkins) as those we could now salivate over on TV.

The thing is, (apart from the lack of Birkins) my folding skills never really either quite got to the point where I could manage to get every top, t-shirt and pair of pants folded into perfectly uniform sizes, stacked in beautifully neat piles.


Instead, I just kind of loosely fold things, stuff it in, close the door quickly and hope that none of the piles topple over and come crashing down before I manage to get the door shut. (It does, of course, the next time I go to grab something from my wardrobe, but I am more of a 'I'll worry about it later' type of person anyway...)

But the thing is, now I actually have a solution to my wardrobe struggles.

Enter: Flipfold.

This little beauty is basically a folding board that will up your laundry game ten fold by folding your clothes into perfectly even and equal sizes, all in just our movements (flip, flip, flip, fold, apparently). And even better? It takes just five seconds!


This means that in five minutes, you will have folded 60 items of clothing into Cribs-like perfection.

Is it a little sad that this is now all I want for my birthday?!