The handy concealer hack that will help you fake a full night’s sleep 1 year ago

The handy concealer hack that will help you fake a full night’s sleep

Oh, those tired eyes...

I don't know about you, but there are mornings now where I seriously consider if I could get away with wearing sunglasses into the office – just to conceal my tired-looking eyes.

And the thing is, at this stage, I feel like even on those mornings when I did wake up having had a full night's sleep, kept myself hydrated (and gone to bed at a reasonable time), I still can't fully escape those dark circles.

Is it any wonder my concealer is, at this stage, my desert island beauty product of choice?

Anyway – I recently came across a trick by Gabriel De Santino, makeup artist and CEO of Gabriel Cosmetics and I am dying to test it to see can it actually make a difference.

Speaking to Well + Good, De Santino explains that it's not just about applying any ol’ concealer. Oh no. The key to getting that well-rested, flawless look we are all after is by cheating a little – and using a colour corrector.

“Concealer alone works well to cover minimal dark circles,” explains De Santino. "To get the best coverage, I’d suggest a shade or two lighter than your skin tone for the under-eye area—this will conceal and also brighten your eyes.” Just don’t go too light, or your magic trick will reveal itself.

To get an even better and more natural-looking result, De Santino recommends using a colour corrector – as these will work to directly offset the unwanted shade in the area by using an opposite colour.

“When dark circles are major, I often use a concealer paired with a colour corrector,” the makeup expert reveals. “If your circles have a green undertone, you can balance with peach or pink; yellow will neutralise blue and purple tones; and green works well to mask red and pink tones.”

In other words; all you need to do is apply the colour correcter first, on the area where you have dark circles, then apply your regular concealer on top. Now? Now you're good to go (and can probably safely leave the sunglasses at home too!)