There's an Instagram page that shows you exactly where to buy the Love Island clothes 1 year ago

There's an Instagram page that shows you exactly where to buy the Love Island clothes

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Half the time when we're watching Love Island, we're sitting there wondering where we can get the clothes the girls are all wearing.


Whether it's Millie's stunning pink tailored two piece or Faye's flowy white suit, we need to know exactly where the girls get their looks from.

One Instagram account has all the answers for us, and it's even more than we could've ever dreamed of.

This account takes the looks of each of the islanders, past and present, and finds exactly where you can buy all their outfits from.


Linking them on separate highlight reels for each islander, they have everyone from Kaz to Molly Mae and links directly to their outfits.

The account, LoveIslandStyling, updates the account after every episode, so it's never too long a wait before we find out where we can shop the looks.

And it isn't just the night looks that are posted, they've got everything down to the smallest detail, from Millie's Jacquemus handbag earrings to the bikinis the girls arrived in wearing, you're covered no matter what you want to get your hands on.


Ffion Hughes, who runs the page, told "I decided to start the page after watching Love Island and always being obsessed with their outfits. I would spend the whole episode searching for their dresses and bikinis rather than watching it!

"Then I thought there were probably thousands of other people doing the exact same thing, so I created the page to make it easier for everyone to find the Love Island girls outfits before they inevitably sold out.


"Running the page definitely takes a lot of time, mostly finding the outfits is the most time consuming. I end up barely watching Love Island as the whole time I’m posting their outfits to my page instead! My DMs are always full of outfit requests so I try and get back to as many of them as possible too. But I do love running the page as I’ve created a little community of Love Island fashion fans which is a lot of fun."

If you've been desperately trying to find something specific online that one of the girls has worn or posted on Instagram but can find it anywhere, you can send this account a message and they'll help you out.

But you'll have to be quick, because once the outfits get posted, they tend to sell out fairly quickly, once the ad break comes on, head straight to the page if you want any of the looks.

The account was started in 2019 when season 5 was airing and has been actively keeping us all up to date since.