These €6 Beauty And The Beast rose stem drinking cups have now landed 3 years ago

These €6 Beauty And The Beast rose stem drinking cups have now landed

September forever means back-to-school - whether you're actually still in school or not.

And when we spotted these completely adorable cups in Penneys recently, our minds immediately raced back to 'little breaks' and 'big breaks'.


Because we reckon we would have been queens of the classroom rocking in with our diluted orange cocooned inside a coveted Beauty And The Beast drinking cup.

That it comes complete with an iconic rose stem in the middle of it is really the icing on the cake.

Priced at just €6, they have already landed in outlets nationwide and are most certainly being snapped up with particular enthusiasm.

Of course, the country has in recent months gone Beauty And The Beast mad - with Penneys offering us everything from Chip cups, to purses, accessories, and homeware.


The drinking cups are definitely a real find too: Instagram is already having a bit of love-in with the Disney-themed release.

And if you reckon you have yet more love to give to Penneys and Beauty And The Beast - fear not! There is more to come this season: namely, a real teapot fashioned in the likeness of Mrs Potts, as well as a real clock just like Cogsworth.

Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for a Chip cushion (swoon).

Be our guest!