Before and after: This tiny balcony glow-up is all the inspiration 7 months ago

Before and after: This tiny balcony glow-up is all the inspiration

There is nothing like having your very own outdoor space – especially when it is summer and the mornings are bright and the evenings balmy.

However, we don't all have big gardens to enjoy the sun in.


For most city dwellers and more and more of us, apartment living is slowly becoming more common in Ireland too, just like in most other countries around Europe.

But having a small balcony does not mean you cannot go big on style and comfort. In fact – we reckon the opposite is true – the smaller the balcony, the more we should make every effort to make sure it is as enjoyable and inviting as possible.

After all, when you are living more compact, you need to make every inch of space count, and so having a balcony that works is basically like adding a whole extra room to your space.

Just take a look at @dekorevimicin and her balcony in Antalya in Turkey:

@dekorevimicin Selamm? Burada hiç aktif değilim instagram da aktifim normalde ama geçen sene yaptığım balkon dekorasyonumu buralarda gördüm ismim etiketlenmeden kendileri yapmış gibi paylaşanlar olmuş ben de hemen yeni bir video çekip kendim paylaşmak istedim. Nasıl olmuş balkonum bakalım ? Bu arada instagram sayfam?? dekorevimicin #home #decor #dekor #dekorasyon #dekorasyonfikirleri #dekorasi #balkon #balkonmevsimi #balkondekorasyonu #balkon ♬ Tutsak - Sefo

And yes – I know we don't have the climate here in Ireland that they do in Turkey, but that doesn't mean we can't still enjoy our balconies all year.

Just add a head lamp and some cosy throws to snuggle up under, and you are good to go!