Vans have announced a Harry Potter collection and Merlin's beard, we need them all 1 year ago

Vans have announced a Harry Potter collection and Merlin's beard, we need them all

Time to grab your Galleons.

Vans have announced they are a releasing a Harry Potter-inspired collection - and Merlin's beard, we need them all.

There isn't too much information available about the collection yet, though. Like, say, when they're going to be released - or even what they'll look like.

But based off the information released so far, it looks like the range is going to be based off Hogwarts' four houses.

The brand took to Instagram on Monday to tease there was "something magical coming soon."

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Something magical coming soon.

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And when you visit Vans' North American site, shoppers are invited to be put their email addresses in to make sure they get the updates about the "magical collection of footwear, apparel, and accessories for witches, wizards, and Muggles alike.”

The background of the page features the colours and mascots for each of the magical four houses: a red-and-yellow lion, for Gryffindor; a green-and-black snake for Slytherin; a blue-and-grey eagle for Ravenclaw; a yellow-and-black badger for Hufflepuff.

It's worth noting that while the option for e-mail updates currently only seems to appear on the American site, the shoes do currently appear to be coming to Europe.

At least, that's based off Vans Europe sharing the announcement.

Soon after the announcement, fans took to social media to celebrate.

One person said:

“That Vans x Harry Potter collection is going to be the death of my bank account.”

Another wrote:


Someone else added:

"Vans are about to drop a Harry Potter collection and I’m HERE for it !!!"

Another tweeted:

"Vans is doing a Harry Potter collab and I’m gonna need everything."

Like we said, there's still no release date. But we're keeping our fingers they'll be here sooner than you can say Accio trainers!