Vogue did a 360-tour of Kendall's closet and it's nicer than most houses 5 years ago

Vogue did a 360-tour of Kendall's closet and it's nicer than most houses

We're jealous.

Kendall Jenner has a pretty cool life. With the Hollywood parties and extravagant trips, we all swoon over her Instagram day after day.


However, this week Vogue did a tour of Kendall's wardrobe, and it's like a mini house in itself.

The model has three separate rooms for all her clothes and accessories, with an abundance of rails, shelves and boxes.

She starts off the tour off by showing us her favourite pair of boots that brother-in-law Kanye gifted her and then walks over to another section to pull out onesies that her family wear every year for Christmas.


"We get them on Christmas Eve, the night of our Christmas Eve party and then on Christmas morning we all wear them together," she says to the 360 degree camera.

Next, the model moves onto her "more fun closet" which she calls the "fitting room."

This one looks more low key and has mood boards and rails against every wall.

On the first railing she points out clothes that she wore at Paris Couture Week, and then brings us over to her thigh high boot collection.


Kendall then runs off to another room to get a few handbags out (imagine an entire room for handbags), and shows us some vintage Louis Vuitton pieces.

The reality star's birthday dress makes an appearance too, saying that she's going to keep it forever.

"This dress is going to be a part of my closet for the rest of my life", she told the magazine.


"I found a reference photo online of someone and at the time I didn't know who because their head was cut off."

"So I sent it to my stylist. We had it made, ended up going to my 21st birthday, Paris Hilton was there and she goes 'OMG I wore this dress to my 21st birthday'.

"And I showed her my reference photo and she told me that that was actually her.

"Just how the world works is pretty amazing and I love it."


Kendall ends the video by sitting in a pile of Gucci bags and Versace dresses, explaining that her future wardrobe will include a bar for champagne so she can "get in a good mood" with her friends.

Ah, to be rich and famous.