Want To Know Where Your Clothes Are Sourced? 7 years ago

Want To Know Where Your Clothes Are Sourced?

New app, Good on You, gives details about the environmental, labour and animal protection standards of many major fashion brands.

Launching free on Andriod and iOS, the Australian app has researched over 3,000 footwear, clothing and accessory brands. Founder and CEO Gordon Renouf told Mashable Australia "Fashion is an industry that has a big impact on the environment, labor rights and animals, and is said to be the second most polluting industry in the world."



When you search a brand on the app, Good on You will show you a rating of five possible assessments, which include "great," "good," "it's a start," "not good enough" and "we avoid." Users will then be directed where to buy the best brands. Users can als personalize their ethical considerations and the app will recommend brands that suit their wishes.

H&M is rated "it's a start" based on its "slow action" on labor protection, and for using leather without disclosing its source. Zara, Nike and Witchery are also rated on the app. The app also examines “one for one” brands like Toms that donate a pair of shoes for every shoe bought.

Consumer concern regarding unethical fashion industry practices has risen in recent years following the collapse of a factory in Bangladesh. More than 1,100 people were killed in the accident.