We want and NEED Meghan Markle's latest dress but let's not talk about the price 1 year ago

We want and NEED Meghan Markle's latest dress but let's not talk about the price

Meghan Markle's latest dress is something else.

Today, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are at the Australian Geographic Society Awards in Sydney to present awards to the winners.

Meghan's outfit is getting a lot of attention with everyone saying she looks like a princess and we have to agree that her latest dress is simply WOW.

The Oscar de la Renta gown makes a serious statement with the three-quarter length featuring stunning bird designs, in keeping with the theme of the awards.

latest dress

There's no denying that this is one breathtaking ensemble but there's a price tag to match with the dress reportedly worth an estimated £10,000.

Let's all take a moment for that to sink in.

The tulle skirt, the sheer neckline, the detail is just exquisite but we're still reeling at the price of this piece.

The 37-year-old paired the dress with Aquazzura heels which she's worn a number of times and we can see why as they go with literally everything and they're so flattering too.

latest dress

During the ceremony, the Queen was honoured with an award for her contribution to global conservation with her grandson accepting this on her behalf.

This gave Harry the opportunity to speak about how important it is to protect the environment and how pollution has become such a massive problem for wildlife, fish and the planet as a whole.

He talked about how now is the time to turn "awareness into action" but also warned that time is not on our side with the powerful speech having a positive effect on the audience.