Is it acceptable to wear white to someone's wedding? A wedding expert gives us the low-down 2 weeks ago

Is it acceptable to wear white to someone's wedding? A wedding expert gives us the low-down

Would you wear white to a wedding?

We've always been told wearing white to a wedding is so wrong, but one expert says the age-old tradition isn't as popular as it used to be.


Senior stylist at PrettyLittleThing, Sophie O'Neill said wearing white to a wedding is more acceptable than ever before.

She said: "To dodge a wedding guest faux pas, always avoid a floor-length gown. Longer dresses should be reserved for the bride and bridal party only and as a guest, your outfit should sidestep any upstaging suggestions and simply compliment, not clash."

The best style of dress to wear is a midi dress, according to the stylist.

She said. "Midi dresses are stylish and glam, with endless options. Choose between a strappy figure-hugging bodycon or for a breezy day, why not go for a draped silhouette."


If your dress has a pattern and print then that's even better.

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"If you’re unsure of how the couple feels towards a white wedding guest dress and it isn’t specified in the dress code, use white as the base and play around with the pattern and print choices available."


Florals for spring? Groundbreaking

Floral prints are always a safe option for wedding guests, especially if you're braving a white dress.

"Not only do we love a print-perfect dress, but they also inject a pop of colour to your look so you aren’t limited to one singular choice," Sophie explained.

You can even incorporate accessories to help like a colourful statement necklace or bold clutch, Sophie said.


Would you wear a white dress to your friend's wedding? Personally, it wouldn't be for me, but trends are ever-changing.