Wedding Crocs are a thing, apparently 5 years ago

Wedding Crocs are a thing, apparently

We all have one – that friend who no matter what just can’t be doing with heels on a night out.

She’ll either refuse to wear them at all or will be spotted on the street outside the nightclub at 3am barefoot and getting stuck into a curry cheese chip, the shoes having been cast aside earlier in the night.


And that’s grand – comfort is an important consideration for footwear.

What’s not grand is the fact that Crocs is offering a range of wedding shoes.

Yes the brand, favoured by toddlers and mams, bringing the bins out everywhere, has a section on its website dedicated to footwear for the whole wedding party.

“Whether you're looking for comfortable shoes for the ceremony and the dance floor, or you're looking for cute shoes for the flower girl, we've got you covered,” reads the blurb on the page.


As well as the standard pair of Crocs in classic white, the ‘Wedding Shoes Collection’ includes some flats and sandals that we have to admit aren’t too bad.



On the other end of the spectrum, the collection also includes Crocs in leopard print and a surf-inspired Hawaiian pattern.


Now no-one is saying that you have to go with heels for your big day – stilettos can be really sore and impractical for a busy day that you’ll spend of much of on your feet – but maybe steer clear of the loud patterns.


Unless you’re wearing a leopard print dress and have been desperately seeking the perfect shoes to match, in which case today’s your lucky day.