We're running to Penneys for the €30 coat that looks SO expensive 5 months ago

We're running to Penneys for the €30 coat that looks SO expensive

Just LOOK at it.

Now that we're edging towards the middle of January, spring summer is almost here and we are very excited.

One of the fun things about this particular season is all the gorgeous fashion and there are some fab pieces around at the moment.

However, the thing is you don't want to spend the earth either which is why you'll be delighted to hear that Penneys is killing it right now.

There's the €11 skirt you'll just have to pick up for festival season and the €13 blouses you'll get so much wear from, but out top pick has to be the coat that's just arrived.

It's bright red so will immediately update your wardrobe and it's a shade which is just as fab in winter as it is in spring.


Pop it on over faded denim, a plain white t-shirt and loafers for a chic casual look and how cute would it look with your favourite tea dress?!

Not to mention the fact that it's an absolute steal for that price as is the cute little yellow bag that it's been styled with...the ring detail is so Chloé and at a fraction of the price too.

We feel a Penneys spree coming on after work, it is Friday after all!

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