What Does Colour Mean In Your Wardrobe? Here's What Red Says About You 7 years ago

What Does Colour Mean In Your Wardrobe? Here's What Red Says About You

What you wear can say quite a bit about you to the world and we’ve paired up with Dove to take a closer look at colour. 

A splash of colour in your wardrobe is one of the best ways to showcase your personality through your look, but what does choosing a certain colour mean for you?


Below, we take a look at your choice of colour, and what it might indicate about you to the world. Today, we’re talking red.

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If you have an interest in colour pyschology, you may be aware that red is known as the colour of passion, energy and action.

Wearing red promotes ambition and determination and gives an aura of leadership. So if you're hoping to exude confidence at an important meeting or event, think about including a little red in your outfit.

Red is also the colour of sexuality, it is associated with lust while pink is the colour of love.

Interestingly, red can stimulate the appetite and lead to cravings of certain foods including sushi.


While all of this is positive, red can also have an negative impact. If we are surrounded by too much red, it can contribute to feelings of anger and irritation.

In Eastern cultures including China, red is viewed as the colour of luck. So all in all, there's quite a number of reasons to wear red.

We have included a few options below and the red Penneys coat is a definite must have for the autumn winter season. Red lipstick will transform an everyday outfit, adding a touch of glamour and we love this YSL shade.

Much like a little black dress, a red dress is a must have for any wardrobe and the below style from River Island won't break the bank at €40.

€74.50 down from €149, Fossil at Kilkenny Shop



€30 at Penneys


Rouge Pur Couture Matt, €33, Yves Saint Laurent at Brown Thomas



€56, at Oasis


€40, at River Island