Woman's 'unacceptable' wedding guest outfit starts an online debate 10 months ago

Woman's 'unacceptable' wedding guest outfit starts an online debate

What would you say?

One woman started an online debate recently after asking if it would be acceptable to wear a white skirt to a wedding.

The Mumsnet user had planned to wear a black top and white lace skirt to her sister-in-law's big day but given the amount of criticism she received, she changed her mind.

There's always been an unspoken rule about wearing white to a wedding but this internet user wanted to bend the rule and here's what she had to say.

"Only thing is, it's a black top with a white knee-length skirt. I thought it looked nice and I would get away with it esp if I had some nice chunky accessories to go with it but now i'm having second thoughts after reading some blogs that say you should never wear any white to a wedding.

"Then again other sources say you can. What are your opinions on this? The wedding doesn't have a particular dress code and is in mid-September".

It wasn't long before the comments starting rolling in, and people had lots to say as you'll see here.

Most were of the opinion that you shouldn't wear white to a wedding but others also said that they thought the outfit was a little casual.

This person wrote:

"I would never wear white to a wedding, I think it’s one of those situations where if you feel you need to ask then you probably shouldn’t do it".

One comment read:

"It's the bride's privilege to wear white and I think it's a respect thing".

This user had a different take on the subject.

"I like the outfit but wouldn't wear it to a wedding. Just personal, but was brought up to think white was a complete no and rude to the bride".

Another commenter said:

"I think the tradition of not wearing white to a wedding applies to dresses, not skirts or tops".

What do you think, is wearing white to a wedding unacceptable or would you try it?