You won't BELIEVE how much money Pippa O'Connor has made this year 2 years ago

You won't BELIEVE how much money Pippa O'Connor has made this year

Fair play to her!

So we all know that Pippa O'Connor is majorly successful - but we had no idea how successful!


Pippa's business recorded profits of over €850,000 in its first 15 months in business.


That is according to new accounts filed by Pippa’s Ronnoco Collection Ltd which show that the business recorded profits of €853,536 in the 15 months to the end of September last.

The firm is just one of six companies that Pippa and her husband and business partner, Brian Ormond have established, including her best selling 'Poco' jeans collection.

pippa o'connor

In the first 16 months, Pippa sold 50,000 pairs of the branded POCO jeans - not bad for a business that started out as a blog.

Today, the website has sections devoted to fashion, beauty, travel along with an online shop for its Poco jeans collection.


Pippa’s one day fashion events, ‘Pippa’s Fashion Factories’ at hotel venues around the country are also a great money spinner for the couple.

The day includes make up demos from the country's leading professionals; skin care advice; a tanning demo; a fashion show; a styling session; afternoon tea and a luxury goodie bag.

pippa o'connor

The accounts for Ronocco Collection Ltd show that it employed six people over the year and its staff costs were €306,044.

Underlining the high profits the company made its its first 15 months, the company’s corporation tax bill totalled €165,762.


Pay to Pippa and Brian Ormond from that firm stood at €70,861 for the year. The couple last year spent €1.3m on their 'dream home' in Co Kildare.

The couple have established a holding company, BOPOC Holdings Ltd; a property investment firm, Bopoc Investments Ltd; a TV production company, Bopoc Productions Ltd; a firm promoting events in Ireland, Ronnoco Style Ltd, a firm promoting events in the UK, Ronnoco Style NI Ireland and Ronnoco Collection Ltd.

Phew, that's a lot!

pippa o'connor


In an interview on RTE’s Late Late Show, Pippa explained how the ‘Pippa brand’ developed.

She said that needed a new challenge now that she wasn't modelling.

“I was pregnant and prior to that I was modelling for eight years maybe and things were slowing up. I got a bit frightened and thought, 'What am I going to do with the rest of my life?’

She added: “I just out of a hobby started a blog... I just simply started to document my style and my pregnancy fashion and it really grew organically from there.”


This article was written by Gordon Deegan.