The €30 Zara skirt that screams spring is the perfect buy now, wear later piece 1 year ago

The €30 Zara skirt that screams spring is the perfect buy now, wear later piece

The €30 Zara skirt that screams spring.

It's a strange time right now and although style is far from important, it is a great distraction and a way to take your mind off the constantly evolving Covid-19 pandemic.


The sun is shining today and while there isn't much of an opportunity to go anywhere at the moment, dressing in an outfit you love will make you feel ten times better.

You can either wear it now or outfit plan for when things return to normal down the line - you'll have a whole new spring wardrobe to reveal.

The piece we're currently crushing on is Zara's Printed Skirt which features the most gorgeous red and white floral pattern.

Priced at €29.95, it's the kind of fashion bargain we can get on board with.

It's been styled a couple of different ways on the website, giving us plenty of fashion inspiration.

We love how it looks with this fabulous top, the White Ruffled Top, also from Zara FYI and it's such a lovely spring look.


It's also worn with a Gingham Top, €19.95, and while the clashing prints won't be for everyone, we kind of love it.


With both outfits, the model is wearing mules which are shaping up to be the shoe of the season - a trend we are much here for.

Mules are super comfortable, they look good with everything from jeans to dresses and there are lots of affordable options on all the high-street websites.

A tan pair is a great idea too for a shade like this means these shoes will work with the majority of your clothes, ensuring multiple outfit options.


So if updating your spring wardrobe will bring a little positivity to your life we are all for it, especially at such an uncertain time when the little things are more important than ever.

Happy shopping!