Apple looks set to change their iPhone chargers again and just, ugh 2 years ago

Apple looks set to change their iPhone chargers again and just, ugh


Just why.

If you're too young to remember when Apple changed their iPhone and iPad chargers from the big chargers to the lightening cables then good for you because it was harrowing.

Suddenly, all your mates didn't have the same charger as you. The updated caused mass confusion, nationwide panic, families splitting up.

It was awful.

And it looks like Apple are about to do it all again by changing their current across-the-board lightening charger to a new USB-C cable to mirror the kind that Android devices use.

According to Digitimes, the company are hoping to introduce the new cables and phase out the old ones starting next year.

They said that the update of the cables is still being speculated about, but:

"Apple is redesigning chargers and related interface for its next-generation iPhone and iPad devices, and will likely have its 2019 series of iPhones come with USB Type-C support."

However, the publication's sources also said that Apple was still in its redesign phase and that they probably will not be able to include the technology in its upcoming iPhones.

USB-C cables were first launched in 2014 and have since become increasingly popular with many forms of technology.

The main different between the USB-C and the lightening cable is that, to look at, the end of the USB-C is a lot thicker and wider.