A rumoured new feature will allow you to delete sent messages on WhatsApp 8 months ago

A rumoured new feature will allow you to delete sent messages on WhatsApp

This could be a lifesaver the morning after a heavy night out… if it’s not already too late, of course.

Fair play to you if you’ve never been guilty, but we don’t consider it a stretch to say that most of us have, at one point, sent a text message that we lived to regret shortly afterwards.

Ever woken up and looked at your phone in horror the morning after the night before? Even worse, have you ever sent a message in error to the last person you’d ever want to receive it?

Yeah, it’s not pretty…

WhatsApp users guilty of doing so in the past will be glad to know that a feature allowing users to ‘recall’ messages is reportedly on the way, at least according to WABetaInfo, a Twitter account populated with updates about the messaging service, although not officially affiliated with the company itself.


WABetaInfo claim that while the feature now exists and works, it is not currently enabled, although it is expected to be rolled out in the near future.

Of course, the most sensible way of avoiding embarrassment is to carefully consider messages before you send them, but when that might not be an option while on the way home from a night out in the back of a taxi at 3am, it’s nice to know that WhatsApp could very soon have your back.

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