Instagram Stories have officially overtaken Snapchat 3 years ago

Instagram Stories have officially overtaken Snapchat

Have you switched over or will you stay loyal?

There's nothing worse than someone copying your work and getting the credit for it, so Snapchat bosses are sure to be feeling crap as they tuck into their Easter eggs this weekend.

Instagram announced this week that its Stories feature, which has a number of features similar to the Snapchat app, now boasts 200 million daily users.

This puts it ahead of Snapchat's 158 million daily users, reports industry publication Adweek.

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is also growing at a higher rate than Snapchat.

This is bad news for Snapchat - its parent company Snap's share prices have already fallen as a result of Instagram's announcement.

The Stories feature on Instagram was an aggressive move by the Facebook corporation, which has a reputation for facing competitors head-on.

Facebook purchased Whatsapp for $22 billion in 2014 in an attempt to kill the competition between the app and Facebook's own Messenger app.

Facebook also tried to buy Snapchat itself in 2013 for a reported $3 billion as it saw engagement among its teenage users decline, but Snapchat turned down the bid.