3 packing hacks to ensure you never get caught for excess baggage again 1 month ago

3 packing hacks to ensure you never get caught for excess baggage again

Is there anything more stressful than being told at check-in your suitcase is overweight and that you either have to toss something, try to cram it into your hand luggage or pay an absolute fortune for it? 

We think not.


Which is why we are all about smart packing and making sure you can pretty much fit what you need in your hand luggage – or at least a check-in bag that is not exceeding the weight limits.

Want to finally get really good at packing your suitcase? Try these clever packing hacks:

1. Roll everything

If you are still folding your clothes into your suitcase, you are literally using up a ton of unnecessary space. Iron everything, then roll carefully into a tight roll, and boom – not only do you have a lot more space in your suitcase, you are also making sure all your clothes look good and wrinkle-free upon arrival.


Bonus: Because things are not on top of each other, it is also easier to see what you have, and find your outfit without having to dig through your whole suitcase.

(Image via Oh What A Sight To See)

2. Lay out everything in outfit combinations before packing


I hate over-packing and realising I am hauling around a bunch of clothes and things I end up not wearing at all. The trick is, whether you are heading on a sun holiday or city break, to visualize your entire holiday before you pack, lay out all your clothes and mix-and-match your outfit combinations until you have a perfect wardrobe that will see you through your entire break.

Dresses are great space-savers, and can be worn as is during the day, and dressed up with a little cardigan (or, if the climate isn't too hot, a leather jacket) for the evening. Opt for versatile items (denim skirt, neutral-colour tees, etc.) and think about all the different ways you can combine these. To add interest and change things up, use costume jewellery or scarfs, which take up little space, yet can totally change the look of an outfit.

Be smart with shoes too, and go for one pair of flat sandals, flip flops (for the beach), runners (city break) and, if your sandals aren't dressy enough for evening, one pair of heels that will work with all your different outfits.


3. Pack all electronics together in a pouch

Phone charger, headphones, power charger and other miscellaneous things – keep things easy for yourself by keeping all these together. This will save you rifling through your bag or suitcase for these, and means you can easily find what you need in a hurry. The same goes for all your travel documents – keep passports, travel insurance documents, boarding cards etc. together and you will be in for a stress-free journey.

(Image via Oh What A Sight To Se