Aer Lingus has announced a whopper sale with flights to America from just €139 3 years ago

Aer Lingus has announced a whopper sale with flights to America from just €139

Sound lads.

Aer Lingus has announced that it is launching a special Autumn sale on flights to the US with fares beginning from €139.


The news comes after Norwegian announced it would be ending its transatlantic routes because they're not "commercially viable".

Aer Lingus currently has 16 routes from Ireland to North America and has launched seven new direct transatlantic services to Los Angeles, Newark, Hartford, Miami, Philadelphia, Seattle and Minneapolis-St. Paul in the last four years.

“We seek to operate in a competitive environment offering our guests value and award-winning service," Aer Lingus Chief Operating Officer Mike Rutter said.

"While the aviation industry is faced with many challenges at present, at Aer Lingus we remain focused on continuing to operate our extensive European and North American networks to service the needs of our guests.


"We’re proud to have connected Ireland to North America for more than 60 years and wish to reassure our Irish guests that we’re planning for the next 60 with more new routes to come. The demand for travel to North America continues to grow and having launched our latest Autumn fares, there’s no better time for our Irish travellers to jet off.”

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Some of the advertised fares include flights from Dublin Airport and Shannon Airport to New York from €149, Dublin to Chicago from €199 and Dublin to San Francisco for €239.



Others include:

  • Dublin to New York from €149
  • Shannon to New York from €149
  • Dublin to Philadelphia from €139
  • Dublin to Boston from €149
  • Shannon to Boston from €159
  • Dublin to Toronto from €155
  • Dublin to Washington from €149
  • Dublin to Hartford from €159
  • Dublin to Minneapolis from €199
  • Dublin to Chicago from €199
  • Dublin to Miami from €209
  • Dublin to Los Angeles from €209
  • Dublin to Seattle from €209
  • Dublin to San Francisco from €239
  • Dublin to Orlando from €219

You have to fly in October and November of this year, but who doesn't love a cheeky Autumn jaunt?