You can now do alpaca yoga on a Galway farm and we are so there 9 months ago

You can now do alpaca yoga on a Galway farm and we are so there

IMAGINE how relaxing.

Yoga is a relaxing activity.

It's great for stretching, working on your core, and considering some of your most pressing life choices, like what you're going to wear to work tomorrow, or whether you want to end things with your long term boyfriend.

The naive among us may presume that yoga could never get more relaxing than it is in its current state.

Those people, however, would be wrong, because there a yoga class featuring alpacas currently available on a farm in Galway and it literally sounds like a dream come true.

Taking place on the beautiful Curraghduff farm in Oughterard, Galway, the alpaca yoga classes combine everybody's favourite fluffy large animal with some intensely stress-free poses.

To ensure that everybody gets the most out of the chill alpaca experience, Curraghduff hold their classes outside (obviously), and even include a delicious slice of cake at the end.

Name a better way to spend a few hours? We'll wait.

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The farm's owner, Ruth, says that she and her husband opened the site as a means to deal with the workplace stress they were both experiencing.

In 2017, the couple and their son moved from the UK to Galway to start breeding the alpacas - and open up a glamping site for anybody who wanted to visit and achieve the full alpaca experience.

"We had no experience in farming and I had never lived in the countryside," she says. "So it's been some learning curve for us."

"We started the alpaca experiences to help fund the development on the farm. The experiences have really took off and we have found that the alpacas have a really calming effect on people.

"So we have started to focus on wellbeing events. We took two of our friendly alpacas to a local nursing home for a therapeutic visit and we're now starting the alpaca yoga classes."

Adorable? You bet.

Absolutely worth the trip down to find your inner peace and also pet an alpaca while being super chill in the tree pose? Definitely.

You can find out more about the Curraghduff alpaca yoga experience, and some more of their alpaca inclusive events, here.