Cheapest winter break? Turns out going to Lisbon may cost you the least money 4 months ago

Cheapest winter break? Turns out going to Lisbon may cost you the least money

Not a bad shout, so.

It's winter, which means it's very dreary.

Which means that each and every one of us is eagerly planning our next city break in the hope that a swift exit from Ireland's grim-ness will get us to the end of the year that bit faster.

And in fairness, yeah, it probably would.

Holidays are great. They're a necessary break from the monotony of existence, from the painful repetitiveness of work, from the harrowing realisation that this may very well be it.

But they're also expensive, and for a lot of us, that does indeed become an issue.

But hey, maybe it doesn't have to be because there are definitely some spots that are cheaper than others - and thankfully for us, some finance experts have only gone and figured out exactly where those places are.

Much appreciated, etc.

Ocean Finance considered the costs of travelling to some of Europe's most popular cities this winter.

Analysing the cost of flights, accommodation, attractions, food and drink, the company discovered that the cheapest city for two people to spend some time in this winter is none other than Lisbon.

Wouldn't say no, like.

Their research showed that the Portuguese capital city would be the cheapest place overall for two people to travel to during the winter months, with Budapest coming in second, and Prague coming in third.

Amsterdam was nestled firmly at the bottom of the top 10 cities for value this winter, with Paris at number nine and Rome at number eight.

However, if just food and drink are to be considered, things shift slightly with Budapest coming out on top for the best value for money. The city is then followed by Prague and Athens.

The study found that the cheapest European city for accommodation this winter is Athens, followed by Lisbon, and then Rome. The cheapest pint can be found in Prague.

So, SkyScanner, anyone?