Hagrid's hut now sleeps six people, including your dog - so holiday, anyone? 10 months ago

Hagrid's hut now sleeps six people, including your dog - so holiday, anyone?

No, Robbie Coltrane won't be there.

But his gaff will.

Well, not his gaff, per se, but the gaff of the iconic character that he played for many years in the Harry Potter franchise.

Hagrid, as we are all well aware, was the Hogwarts groundskeeper. He kept the grounds. He bred dragons. He also delivered the stunning and incredible "Yer a Wizurd, Herry" line that will forever remain etched in our psyches.

Basically, he was a solid bloke - and any Potter fan would be lucky to get to sleep inside his cottage for a night or two.

And now, you can. Delightful.

The guys over at Northshire have opened the deluxe cottage just this year for anyone who wants to experience some groundskeeper realness.

Located in the gorgeous Yorkshire countryside, the dwelling is comprised of three adjoining circular rooms, stained glass winders, stooped doorways, lanterns, and a load of other things that'll make you feel like you're sleeping right at the edge of the Hogwarts grounds.

The cottage sleeps six people (four adults and two children) as well as a dog, so you can bring the whole family down, bring your mates over, or simply go alone with your pup if you're after a solid night of solitude.

There's a fully functional kitchen, a stunning bathroom featuring a copper bath, and two bedrooms to ensure that you can enjoy your groundskeeper-based stay as much as humanly possible.

One night in the cottage isn't all that unreasonable either, considering the intense novelty of it all.

Most weekends for the foreseeable future are, understandably, booked up - but if you wanted to head over midweek sometime in December you'd be looking at about £295 (€345) for the evening.

Again, think of the novelty.

If Harry Potter simply isn't your thing though, Northshire run a lot of other countryside-based experiences including a Shire House straight from Lord of the Rings. 

You can find out more about all of the cottages here.