Lonely Planet name Slovakian mountain range as the best place to visit in Europe 3 years ago

Lonely Planet name Slovakian mountain range as the best place to visit in Europe

Any cheap flights going or?

It's almost June, guys, and you know what that means.


Time to start planning the rest of your mini breaks for the year the second the seat sales are up and running.

You may already have an idea or two as to where you want to go. Maybe it's Paris. Maybe it's Berlin. Or maybe it's the Slovakian mountain range, the High Tatras.

Let's be honest, it's probably not the last one seeing as Slovakia generally isn't up the top of everybody's Must Visit list, but maybe it should be because according to Lonely Planet it's the top place to go in Europe for 2019.



The travel guide recently released their top 10 places to visit on the continent for this year and the stunning mountain range nabbed the top spot.

The High Tatras have got everything you could possibly ever want from a divine mountain range - scenic views, stunning waterfalls, and highly Instagramable wildlife.

They do look absolutely unreal in fairness, so if you are into a bit of hiking in central Europe, you should absolutely make it your next stop-off.


Ireland, unfortunately, did not make this year's list, but look, it's fine, we don't mind at all, we know how beautiful our country is, we don't need constant reminding, we swear.

The full top 10 is as follows:

  • High Tatras, Slovakia
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Arctic Coast Way, Iceland
  • Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bari, Italy
  • Shetland, Scotland
  • Lyons, France
  • Liechtenstein
  • Vevey, Switzerland
  • 10 Istria, Croatia

Loads to choose from, to be honest lads.