There's a Rosé Mansion opening in New York, and yes, it looks amazing 4 months ago

There's a Rosé Mansion opening in New York, and yes, it looks amazing


Rosé Mansion, the wine tasting experience dedicated to the history and allure of the pink-hued, warm-weather favourite, launches an all-new experience for 2019.

Last year, we announced that it was open for the summer season in NYC - but 2019 will be so much more exciting.

Building off of last summer’s sold-out run, guests looking for a shareable and fun experience that takes wine tasting and education to a whole new level!

You will have multiple opportunities to dive into the 7,000-year history and resurgence of rosé, one of the most popular wines on the market today.

The all-new Rosé Mansion will bring the pink from around the world to a picture-perfect experience in New York City.

Taking over 32,000 square feet (over twice the size of last year’s Mansion), Rosé Mansion will feature a labyrinth of 14 rooms for wine lovers to explore, learn and ‘gram, including Cleopatra’s Palace, a 1960s-themed Acid Test, and a vintage Airline Lounge.

Following a self-guided tour, guests can enjoy the Mansion’s “RoséLand.”



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?Who’s watching The Oscars?!? . We nominate sparkling Rosé for best supporting beverage.

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Expanded extensively for 2019, RoséLand is part playground, part party space, where New York’s largest selection of Rosé wine meets the ultimate celebration destination.

So basically, heaven on earth.


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?Cheers to the Weekend! ? . . . . ?:@padeleon_

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Visitors can purchase bottles and glasses of their favourite wines and other beverages while enjoying private cabanas, a treehouse and picnic area, tacos and snacks from Taco Dumbo, and interactive elements such as chandelier swings and photo booths.

A retail space and gift shop, open to the public, rounds out the experience.

Rosé Mansion NYC launches June 1, 2019, and we're booking a flight immediately.