Ryanair have announced a whopper sale with flights from just €9.99 5 months ago

Ryanair have announced a whopper sale with flights from just €9.99

BRB, going on a holiday.

If you fancy treating yourself this weekend, then head over to the Ryanair website as it just launched a massive seat sale.

Whether you just want to get away with your gals, or you fancy going on a romantic one with your fella, get moving.

It's always nice to have something to get excited about - and we are definitely excited by these prices.

The budget airline is having a massive sale right now with ridiculous value on flights all over Europe.

Flights to London and Bournemouth are coming in at just €9.99 each way. Sure that's cheaper than a coffee and a sambo these days.

Edinburgh, Bristol Manchester and Leeds are all coming in at €12.99 each way - and we're so ready to pack our bags.

And the fares for destinations further away get more expensive, but it's all still great value.

Fancy a trip to Bordeaux? Sure it'll cost you just €1.99 each way.


And if you want a little getaway further a field, Budapest, Zadar and Athens are all coming in at €22.99 each way.

As always, the cheapest options would mean flying mid-week, but we see no issue there to be honest.

Fares go up at the weekends, but they're still incredibly good value.

You have to travel in October of this year, cheeky Autumn jaunt, incase you're wondering.

Pretty good excuse to book a last minute Autumn trip away!

However, act fast, as these incredible Ryanair prices won't last long (obviously!)

See you in the airport, yeah?