Save suitcase space and money: The clever travel hacks you haven't heard of before 2 years ago

Save suitcase space and money: The clever travel hacks you haven't heard of before

Itching to get away somewhere this spring and summer?



Nothing boosts our happiness and feel-good vibes as seeing new places and having chilled out time with loved ones. However, travel can be both stressful and expensive, especially if things don't go to plan (missed flights, lost luggage etc.)

Lucky for us, travel company Skyscanner just picked the brains of several frequent flyers, and shared some of their very best tips – including how to save space in your suitcase, where to hide money from potential picket-pocketers and how to avoid missing a connecting flight.

Ready to take notes?


1. Keep a close eye on the exchange rates in the lead up to your next holiday

Secure the best rate possible and save money.

2. Consider ordering a pre-paid travel card to avoid international card transaction fees

Avoid international card transaction fees and excess foreign exchange fees.

 3. Conceal cash in unexpected locations – such as a vitamin C tube

Keep it disguised and deter theft.

4. Allocate excess time for connecting flights 

Ensures you have enough time to stretch your legs, grab a coffee and a bite with plenty of time to get to your boarding gate for your next flight.

5. Take advantage of stopovers and see two cities for the price of one

If you do miss your connecting flight or if your stopover is longer than three hours.

6. Use packing cubes to maximise space and organise your suitcase

A convenient way to maximise space in your luggage and organise your suitcase.

7.  Beat jet lag by adjusting to your destination's time ahead of arrival 

Set your clocks to the destination time zone as soon as you board a flight and sleep according to local hours while on the plane.

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