The top 10 Christmas markets in Europe have been revealed and we want to go to them all, tbh 3 years ago

The top 10 Christmas markets in Europe have been revealed and we want to go to them all, tbh

There's nothing better than Christmas.

Just kidding! There's loads of things better than Christmas, including food, friendship, and the fact that we don't need to rely on a deeply commercialised holiday to make us happy.


Despite this though, Christmas can be alright when it wants to be - and Christmas markets can be especially alright.

There's a few reasons for this. One of those reasons is the food they sell at them. And another reason is the food they sell at them.

And, eh, yeah, there's pretty lights and stuff too and you can maybe get a bit of shopping done. Whatever, they're lovely places to spend an hour or seven and we're pretty into them.

There is a single rule one must abide by when attending a Christmas market though - Instagram it.

Because, like, did you even go to the market if you didn't stick it 0n the gram afterwards?


No, you didn't.

As it turns out, Instagram has an even bigger role when it comes to Christmas markets than we thought - it's become a handy tool to figure out what The Best Christmas Market is.

And it's the Manchester Christmas market.



On The Go Tours looked at the most popular European Christmas Markets according to hashtag usage and Manchester came out on top, with Edinburgh second, and Bath third. 

The UK clearly cleaning up festive-wise anyway.

The top 10 list is as follows:


1. Manchester, England

2. Edinburgh, Scotland

3. Bath, England

4. Striezelmarket, Dresden, Germany


5. Tuomaan Markkinat, Helsinki, Finland

6. Plaisirs d’hiver, Brussels, Belgium 

7. Birmingham, England

8. Lincoln, England

9. Strasbourg, France

10. Winter Wonderland, London, England

So, got any holidays planned, or?