Staycation: 5 hotels, Airbnbs and guesthouses perfect for solo getaways across Ireland 1 month ago

Staycation: 5 hotels, Airbnbs and guesthouses perfect for solo getaways across Ireland

Summer is coming - and once again, staycations are all the rage.

And although a lot of people are going to be grabbing the gals and heading for the hills, if you're gasping for a solo trip away this summer, you're not the only one.


Solo trips are great. They're fun, they're super independent, and they ensure you can do whatever the hell you want without anyone else around to stop you. 

Don't be deterred by the couples packages, cheap group rates, and Airbnbs that comfortably sleep 12 people - there are plenty of spots across the country that are perfectly suited to a solo trip.

So whether you're looking for a lap of luxury, a lovely guesthouse, or even a cheap enough hostel, we've got you sorted.

1. Quirky: Urban Tranquilatree, Co Cork 

Treehouses are all the rage these days, especially ones you can sleep in while having a generally swell time.

There a fair few floating around Airbnb these days, but one that's caught our eye recently has got to be Cork's Urban tranquilatree - for the name alone, if nothing else.

Imagine the scene there; you chilling out in the tree, going on nature walks, sleeping under the stars... a dream solo vibe, for sure.


Check out this treehouse here, and have a look at some of the other treehouse experiences available across the country (mainly because this one is booked out for the entire summer, so unless you fancy staying in October, you'll need to do some digging.)

2. Chill: Wild Atlantic Way Cottage, Co Donegal 

Chill, gorgeous, and probably one of the quaintest places you're going to spend a night this summer.

The Wild Atlantic Way Cottage is just one of many similar cottages available to rent on Airbnb, but it's definitely one of the cutest. Equal parts comfortable and luxurious, the cottage is perfect for a solo traveller making their way around Ireland.


You won't meet new people, but you will have a super chill solo time, and that's even better, sometimes.

Naturally, there's a whole host of beachfront Airbnbs available to rent this summer, but if you're hoping to book one, you may need to do so as soon as possible. You can check out the above one here. 

3. Fancy: Adare Manor, Co Limerick 


In the market for a bit of boujie this summer? In desperate need of a serious treat after a hell of a year? Well, you'd rarely do better than booking yourself a sneaky night in Limerick's Adare Manor.

The gorgeous 19th century manor estate has been welcoming groups and couples for years, but living the high life shouldn't be reserved only for pairings - if you've got the money for it.

Aside from the incredible manor itself, Adare is also home to a stunning spa, gourmet food experiences, and is surrounded by parklands, gardens, and gorgeous woodlands. Name a more luxurious stay, we (a)dare you.

If you're unsure whether you'd enjoy a stay, the manor recently launched a new virtual 3D tour, so you can check out the stunning surroundings before you book anything. There's also a whole host of other gorgeous luxury hotels available to book for the summer right now, including Lough Erne Resort, Cliff at Lyons, and Wineport Lodge. 


4. Cheap: The Bungalow Farmhouse, Co Kilkenny 

This place is pet friendly, and that's all you need to know, really.

Just kidding, it's also a bungalow located on a working farm, and guests are permitted to get involved in feeding the orphan lambs and horses, as well as watching Sean the farmer making the silage and hay, and rounding up the sheep.

There's a load of super unique B&Bs available to book over on B&B Ireland now, and they're all entirely reasonably priced too. Find out more here. 

5. Hostel: The Nest Boutique Hostel, Co Galway 

It wouldn't be an article about solo travel without throwing a hostel in there.

Contrary to popular belief, a hostel does not have to be comprised of eight strangers crammed into a room with one shower, a crap breakfast, and the fear that all your belongings are about to be stolen. These days, hostels are predominantly safe, fun, and nice - as long as you book a good one, obviously.

The Nest is a boutique hostel in Galway and according to its ratings, it's probably one of the better spots you could hit up. Hostels are guaranteed craic for solo travellers. Even if you book yourself a private room, you'll still be sharing a space with a load of other people also looking to enjoy the area, so you'll be sorted making new mates.

Find out more about The Nest here and have a browse of some other hostels on Hostel World too.