7 pairs of yoga pants that might actually persuade us to set foot in a gym 1 year ago

7 pairs of yoga pants that might actually persuade us to set foot in a gym

Between dry January and gym January, this month truly is the strict mother of all months.

They have our best interests at heart but it's an absolute struggle for us to follow through with what they want.


Like, remember the glory days of December when all we did was drink and eat lots? Yeah, then was good.

But January is a time for change, to cut bad habits and enter the new year on the right foot, the new decade, even.

It might seem like a marketing tool to get people to buy a new juice blender and gym trainers but look, isn't it better than the money you spent before Christmas on a cocktail mixer and 1,222 tins of Roses?


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Better for your health that is.

And so, we're all for the "new year, new me" no matter how clichéd it seems and we're planning to smash our 2020 goals of loving ourselves more, being more kind to our bodies and trying to exercise a little more, even if it's just a 20 minute walk a day.


So, in order to give ourselves the motivation to actually do anything, we're treating ourselves to a little present first and that's some new gym gear.

We all know yoga pants are handy AF so even just slipping into them might convince us to walk to the dog or head to the beach.

Here are 7 pairs we know you'll never take off.

Lululemon - €64


Nike - €40

Gymshark - €50


Calvin Klein - €55

Adidas - €35


Reebok - €54.95

Noli - €50

It might not give us instant abs but it's certainly a start.