Homeless Florida Student To Play New York's Carnegie Hall 5 years ago

Homeless Florida Student To Play New York's Carnegie Hall

The musical talents of one Florida student have changed his life completely.

He was homeless, and now is set to play one of New York City's well respected concert venues, Carnegie Hall.

James Matthews entered the 2014 American Protege International piano and strings competition, and received an honorable mention along with the prize of a performance at the famed Carnegie Hall, NBC 5 reported.

After graduating from college, James went to Florida Southern College but he fell on hard times and was homeless for a year and a half.

He used to sleep in his school's 24 hour studio until his teacher helped him.

"He found me sleeping in his studio and pretty much got me out of that situation,found me a different school to go to where I had a dorm and a roof over my head," James told NBC 5.

"I always had my piano, and it's always been my escape and I decided if I never gave up it would get me through life, and it has. I don't know where I'd be if it wasn't for music," James continued.

Continuing his studies at University West Florida, James hopes to graduate in 2015 with a bachelor's degree in music.

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