Kate Garraway hopes husband Derek will be able to see his family at Christmas 1 year ago

Kate Garraway hopes husband Derek will be able to see his family at Christmas

"It's adjusting to a new normal, but also grateful he's here at all."

As she continues to care for her husband Derek Draper, Kate Garraway has shared hopes that he will be well enough to visit his extended family this Christmas.


Derek became very ill after being diagnosed with Covid-19 in 2020. He stayed in hospital for over a year after the initial diagnosis, and now requires round-the-clock care at home.

Speaking about the upcoming festive period, the Good Morning Britain presenter told Woman's Own magazine that they're preparing for a slightly different Christmas this year.

She said: "The dream would be to get Derek to Chorley. At the moment, moving him is a big problem: it's exhausting for him.

"This year, we have got him home - and fingers crossed we can keep him home. Of course, he's not going to be putting on his Santa costume, going out with Darcey for a father-and-daughter Christmas shop or the same with Billy."


Kate went on to say, that despite how different the upcoming holiday will be, she's happy that Derek will be able to be home with his family this Christmas.

She said: "None of those things are on the horizon at the moment so it's adjusting to a new normal but also grateful he's here at all, which we didn't have at all last year and feared would never happen."

Kate told the publication that while she hopes she'll get her husband to his hometown of Chorley, she'll be just as happy if his relatives are able to make the journey to visit them.


She said: "If not, maybe the Drapers could come to us for a big gathering, Covid permitting. And certainly I'll be seeing the Garraways but my oven is broken so I'm not sure anyone wants to come to me."