"Living Truly Is A Privilege" - Teenager Battling Incurable Cancer Goes Home After "Remarkable Recovery" 7 years ago

"Living Truly Is A Privilege" - Teenager Battling Incurable Cancer Goes Home After "Remarkable Recovery"

Teenager Stephen Sutton has been discharged from hospital after raising over €3.7 million for charity while battling cancer.

The terminally ill 19-year-old astounded people online with his bravery when he made his cancer battle public to raise money for charity and yesterday updated folk following his progress with some fantastic news.


Stephen, who was diagnosed with bowel cancer three years ago, posted a heartbreaking farewell to his followers earlier last week and updated the public on his condition via Facebook.

Since beginning his mission, the campaign has been supported by donations to teenage cancer charities in the UK, with high-profile people and celebrities such as Benedict Cumberbatch stepping in to help create awareness.

In an update, Sutton who revealed he had coughed up a tumour that was causing him breathing difficulties, was allowed to return home from hospital after he made a "remarkable" recovery.

Stephen made the announcement on Facebook on Friday, writing:

"I then also have some more great news...I've been discharged from hospital!!

"After being at a point where it seemed like I'd never make it out it feels so awesome to be able to put that. The recovery I've undergone recently is quite remarkable.

"It has been difficult, there is an emotional trauma attached to nearly dying (a few times) that will take a while to get used to, but ultimately I now feel even more fortunate to just be here and the experience serves as a potent reminder to go out there and live life as freely and as positively as possible.


"The simple things we take for granted are all blessings, and living truly is a privilege we should all try and enjoy and make the most of!"


Since uploading a video titled, ‘Stephen’s Story’, a short film about his bucket list of things to do before he dies, he has managed to raised more than €3.7 million in donations from 131,000 people online.

Stephen's positive attitude towards condition has inspire and touched people everywhere.

After paying a visit to Stephen's hospital ward, British Prime Minister David Cameron said: "He's amazing, just an inspiration.


"Anyone who watches that video on YouTube just can't help but be impressed by his bravery and courage but also his incredible warmth and passion for life.

"It really is extraordinary."