Why You Shouldn't Take No for an Answer - Celebrity Rejections Before They Were Famous 8 years ago

Why You Shouldn't Take No for an Answer - Celebrity Rejections Before They Were Famous

No-one likes being rejected. It breaks your heart, sometimes your dignity (we swear he told us we could keep that t-shirt) and can be a real confidence killer. If it's for your creative talents, well that just makes the bitter pill that much harder to swallow. 

If you've recently felt your luck is down, or you keep trying but to no avail, this may make you feel better.


We recently posted a rejection note sent to Bono in 1979 - a year before they signed to Island Records and made it big.

A collection of refusals to Madonna, Tim Burton and Sylvia Plath trying to break into their respective industries have come to surface - and they're making us feel just that little bit better.

We're not naive either. We know some people can be deluded, but that's not for us to judge. Take some comfort from the fact that even some of the most successful, famous people today have been shot down.

Now pick yourself up and try again. This is proof that you just need one yes.


So just remember:

It's okay to have your own style, like Sylvia Plath...


You may not make it big the first time you try, but it doesn't mean your talent isn't recognised.


Disney was quick to point out Tim Burton's strengths...


Just remember they're not always right. Madonna was born ready...



... and you'll never know where you could end up one day. Jim Lee is an illustrator, writer, and the co-publisher of DC Comics. Back when he was starting out, Jim was rejected by all the major comic book publishers. Including the one he now co-runs.


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