Bride asks wedding GUESTS to create her dream venue for the big day 3 years ago

Bride asks wedding GUESTS to create her dream venue for the big day

Well, this went down as we expected.

When you're invited to a wedding the last thing you'd expect is to spend the five days in the lead up to the wedding hammering down marquees, arranging flower walls and ironing table cloths but, for the guests of one particular wedding, this is exactly what was in store.


Shared to Reddit, one wedding guest revealed how the lead up to her friend's big day has put her off having a big wedding herself.

She revealed that alongside fellow wedding guests, she was put to work for days in the lead up to the wedding in order to create the perfect venue for the bride.

“When we weren’t working outside we were inside making food, ironing millions of table clothes and napkins, making table toppers, and my friends mum who is a florist spent hours every day doing the flowers, all for free.”

The wedding attendee also revealed that she was asked to climb a tree to string up fairy lights and even bake food.


Continuing she explained that the work took a whole five days before the wedding while the bride "kicked back relaxing" and "barked orders from the table".

But then, to make matters worse, all the guests were asked to get up at 5am on the wedding day to finish off their work - with some being made create the buffet for other guests that day.

Finishing her telling of the day, the guest said:


“I don’t know how wedding planners do it, and now know why people spend months/years planning a wedding. It made me want to just have a courthouse wedding because never again.”

Fair. It's safe to say many won't RSVP to any other parties by this bride anytime soon.