Bride threatens to kick sister out of wedding party because she cut her hair 1 year ago

Bride threatens to kick sister out of wedding party because she cut her hair

A bride-to-be has been branded "ridiculous" after she threatened to remove her sister from her wedding party - and its all because she cut her hair.

Posting on Reddit's /r/bridezilla forum, the woman explained her sibling was getting married in "like a week and a half" and she was going to be a bridesmaid.


She added:

"When she chose her bridesmaids, she stated she would rather us not have unnatural coloured hair, just in case it clashes with her dresses (a little dumb but still pretty understandable) but other than that, she didn’t care what we did."

The Reddit user said that she decided to cut her "pretty long, lower back-hitting hair" into a short, shoulder-length cut - and that she'd be donating the 14 inches of hair.

She added that the bride had responded "positively" when she brought up that she would be cutting her hair.

However, that changed when she sent a photo of her new 'do into the family group chat.

The bride's sister continued:


"I sent a picture of my new hair in a group chat to my family and my sister immediately said 'Oh my god, why would you do this right before my wedding?' And today told me I had to get extensions or I was out of her wedding.

"I told her I wouldn’t be paying to get extensions and to just leave me out of the wedding if she’s going to be that angry over my haircut.

"Also I’m a pale ass redhead and her dresses are neon orange so I already look like shit. Not that that matters. I’m just irritated."

Many of the commenters sided with the bridesmaid, assuring her that she had the right reaction to what her sister said.

One person said:

"I think your hair looks really nice. She's being ridiculous."


Someone else wrote:

"Your hair is fine and I actually like it better short. It look healthy and pretty. She’s being an idiot.

"If it were me I would just let her kick me out of the wedding, show up in a beautiful dress of my choosing, and look like a knockout."

Another person advised:

"Do not let your sister's reaction make you doubt yourself. Your hair cut looks great! This isn't about your new hair cut not looking good.

"I'm guessing your sister had an idea of how she wanted her bridesmaids hair styled and your hair is maybe too short for that now so she's freaking out. But in saying that, your hair isn't even short and there are still plenty of styles that will work.

"I think you need to give it a few days and see how your sister feels then. She will hopefully calm down and realise that having her sister in her bridal party is far more important than a hair style."